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Setting the record straight

More than 20 organisations from a diverse range of sectors have called for this reform. Find out why here.


Safe harbours explained

Safe harbours is a complex concept, so we’ve explained it using real harbours. And a shark.


You can make a difference

Send a message to your local MP in support of safe harbour reform and Australian innovation.


Australia's safe harbours need to be fixed so our schools can have the same legal protections as ISPs


Expanding safe harbours will take Australia from being the worst environment for digital content in the OECD to something comparable with best practice


Graphic Designer

Changing Australia’s safe harbour laws will give Australian creatives like Steve a simple way to control where their work appears online. 

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CEO, 99designs

Australian business 99designs are asking our politicians to allow them to compete on a level playing field with their global competitors, by fixing our safe harbour laws once and for all.

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Catholic Education Commission NSW

Catholic schools provide Internet services to students and staff across Australia. These schools strongly support the reform of our safe harbour laws.

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Contact your local MP

Type your postcode to find your Representatives in the Federal Parliament,
and send them a letter based on the template below

About this form

Personalised letters are one of the most effective ways of raising matters of importance with your local Member of Parliament (MP). The more letters an MP receives from their constituents on a particular issue, the more likely he or she will take action.

This form doesn't collect or store any personal information.

Here's how to ensure your message gets heard.
  • Personalise the letter template, for example, by introducing yourself, what you do and where you are from.
  • Use personal stories where appropriate, especially if you're from a start-up, educational institution, entrepreneur or a creator.
  • Be polite.
  • Include a call to action, that is, that your MP supports the expansion of safe harbours scheme!
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